MCC & Missions

With a great desire to "Make and Mature Disciples of Jesus for the Glory of God", Montrose Christian Church is actively involved in sending, supporting, and partnering with many missions and missionaries around the world to introduce unreached people groups to Jesus Christ and to disciple them to follow Him.  Our primary vehicle for doing this is Relationships both with the missions and with the people whose lives they are touching.

MCC's Supported Missions

Andes Christian Mission - Columbia - Andrew and Johanna Stringer

Chilean Christian Mission - Chile - Julio Carreno

Columbia for Christ - Columbia - Mark & Barbara Stringer

Redeem a Nation Ministries - Doma, Zimbabwe - Dave & Cynthia Fortescue

South American Christian Mission - Columbia - Paul & Sherri Moreland

A Family in Southwest Asia*

* For security reasons, names and locations cannot be listed.

Become a Region Champion!

What is a Region Champion?

A Region Champion is someone who champions the cause of reaching specific regions throughout the world with the message and cause of Christ.  This is a relational role that involves staying connected with the missions, missionaries, and disciples in that region and praying specifically for the spread of Christ's Kingdom among the people who live there.  If you would be interested in becoming a Region Champion, please take the time to fill out the form below.